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Welcome to FAHAD Tutors Academy! Here we provide qualified home tutors and online tutors specializing in various subjects inside and outside Pakistan.
We cater to the unique needs of students and prepare them for important entry-level exams for their bright futures.

Highly Qualified and Verified Teachers
We make no compromises when choosing the best teachers for our academy. On the contrary, we carefully do an educational background check on every teacher that applies and only select those who are academically flourishing as individuals and capable of making others so.
You can rest assured that every tutor in FAHAD Academy is 100% verified as well as appropriately certified. Every tutor holds the power and capability to provide you with the highest quality of education.

Teachers From a Range of Experience and Subjects
We have a diverse group of teachers available here at FAHAD Academy. Through them, we offer a wide range of home and online tutoring services within and outside Pakistan. All our teachers have varying levels of experience, so we can find you a tutor that matches your level.
Moreover, no matter what subject you want to get tutored in, we will have a teacher for you here. Are you afraid of math? You only need to count on our online maths tuition. We are confident in the skills and experience of our teachers, and you will know why when you take their class!

● Maths: Maths is a subject many students fear and also despise. With our online maths tuition, you will hopefully get rid of that fear. Just hire an online math tutor from FAHAD Academy, and you'll see: that there's nothing to fear because math is fun and easy!
● English: Do you want to develop your English? Hire an English tutor online from Farhad Academy and see how far your grammar and vocabulary go. Online English teaching is not easy, but our teachers can apply their skills to make it possible.
● Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics: You name it, and we will provide you with the tutor you need. You no longer have to find physics frustrating because your online physics tutor will make you realize how interesting it is. Chemistry also doesn't have to be a headache because your online chemistry tutor will show you the easiest way to understand and memorize everything.
● Languages: We already provide the best online tuition for English. But we also have tutors for various languages, like Arabic, German, Spanish, Korean, and others. These languages are considered necessary internationally, so learning them will help you go a long way. Not only can we teach you spoken languages, but we can also teach you different computer programming languages like Python, C++, and Java.

We Will Match You With the Tutor That Is Best for You
Hence, every student has unique and specific needs; hence, the same education method will not benefit every student equally. We also know that some students are better at spotting a problematic topic, while some find it harder to do. Considering all your specific needs and preferred methods, we will gladly match you with the tutor who can help you most.
All you need to do is let us know your various requirements. For example, whether you will be more comfortable with a male or female teacher, what level and pace you want the teacher to teach you, and what schedule works best for you. We will try our best to ensure every one of your preferences is met so that you can study comfortably.
Therefore, you will have a wide range of options with FAHAD Academy. And if we match you with a tutor but you don't click with them, we will immediately match you with another one.

Complete Preparation for Important Exams
Our tutors will, of course, help you out with short-term goals like the quarterly exams at your institution. But more importantly, our primary purpose is to simultaneously prepare you for the long-term and more important goals. And by that, we mean various entry tests according to your future career plans.
This includes exams starting from NED, IBA, SSUET, CBM, Szabist, LUMS, NUST, and FAST to GRE, NTS, GAT, GMAT, SAT I, II, BCAT, ECAT, and MCAT. Whichever test you are aiming for, our tutors will align the teaching method accordingly. It's also okay if you haven't decided which exam you want to prepare for yet. In that case, the approach will be more general until you finally choose.

No Geographical Boundary
Our tutoring services aren't limited to Pakistan. Instead, you can study online from any part of the world! Aside from Pakistan, our tutors already have students from various countries, including Dubai, the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia—to name a few.
And no matter where they are in the world, everyone gets equal treatment. Even if you are in Pakistan, you can still study online if that's what suits you better.

Home Tutoring for Face-to-Face Classes
Online tutoring isn't suited for a lot of students since many lose their focus when they have a device in hand. Moreover, it is difficult for teachers to fully understand their students through a virtual space. That's why private tutoring can be very beneficial for students who need some extra care.
FAHAD Academy also provides home tutors with the same kind of range and qualifications as online tutors. Our home tutoring services stretch to the whole of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and all over Pakistan. We plan to extend it further and hopefully reach even more students in the future!

Valuable Assistance With Homework
FAHAD Academy tutors are also willing to provide homework help to all students. Many kids are worried about homework, and you might be one of them, especially for subjects like math, which can be exhausting to solve. But with some online math help, it is not difficult anymore.
Our tutors make sure to motivate you to complete all your homework on time and develop a plan for it. Of course, we are not doing your homework for you. Rather, we give you just the guidance you need to do it yourself after finding the drive to get up and finish it. This is also something our teachers are properly trained in.

Contact Fahad Tutors Academy Today for Home Tuition and Online Tuition
Call us at +92300-2391994, and let's discuss what you are looking for, what you need, and what we can provide. Visit our online tuition website to learn more.
We also offer demo trial classes for free on Zoom and Skype for those who want to take online courses but are still unsure. Whether you require a home tutor or an online tutor, you will have one within only 24 hours!


(All Classes, Courses, Test Preparation & Languages)

We have thousands of 100% certified and experienced home and online tutors Worldwide. Home tutoring services for all classes and subjects throughout Pakistan whereas online tutoring services Worldwide. It consist All Classes and subjects, boards and systems. All Classes (I to XII, O Level, A Level, BBA, BSC, BCOM, BA,LLB, MBA, MSC, MA and other Graduation and Masters Classes), Languages (English, Arabic, German, Korean, Spanish etc), Computer Courses, All system and boards (Aga Khan, Cambridge, Sindh, Federal, Punjab and others boards), All subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Math, Accounting, English, Arabic, Economics, Business Studies, Science, Statistics)
Best tutors academy in town provides home and online tutoring services throughout Pakistan especially in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Availability of home and online tutors are blessing of all who seek tutoring services through our platform. Best tutor provider in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad for home tuition and online tutors for all countries especially Pakistan, Dubai, USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc.
100% verified tutors near you for entry test preparation especially for NED, IBA, LUMS, CBM, Szabist, UET, NUST, FAST, SSUET and foreign countries. Test consist GRE, GAT, GMAT, SAT I, II, ECAT, MCAT, BCAT, NTS etc. If students interested to take online classes or want to learn online, they can take a Demo/Free trial classes on Skype/Zoom and start e learning through our platform. No Advance fee will be paid to any tutor, learn with ease.
Whether services for home or online tutoring, it will be within 24 hours. We are available for 24/7 here in Pakistan and other countries. We have thousand of Male and Female Tutors available for home and online tutoring, we also have number of Montessori directress in our list for kids/Children. There are the best online tutoring methodologies for kids in online learning. Easy and effective methods for home and online e learning for kids and adults.

Thousands of tutors are getting new students with FAHAD Tutors

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Language (AS Level only) - 8686 Urdu - Pakistan only (A Level only) - 9686 Urdu (A Level only) - 9676 Applied Art Applied Science Arabic Banking Basic Medical Science Biology Business Mathematics (I.Com) Business Statistics Chemistry Child Development and Family Life Civics Clinical Pathology and Serology Commercial Geography Commercial Geography II Computer Science Defense of Pakistan Dental Hygiene Economics Education English English Elective Fine Art Food and Nutrition French Geography Health and Physical Education Hematology and Blood Banking History of Islam - II History Of Modern World History Of Muslims History of Pakistan Islamic History and Culture Islamic Studies Library Sciences (Theory) Mathematics Microbiology Military Science Music Nursing Outlines of Muslim India Pakistan Studies Pakistani Culture Persian Philosophy Physics Principle of Accounting (I.Com) Principle of Banking (I.Com) Principle of Commerce (I.Com) Principle of Economics (I.Com) Psychology Punjabi Sociology Special Military Studies Statistics Urdu Urdu Advance All Subjects Advanced Excel Basic Computer MS Office School Level Computer test subject new subject ISSB CSS PCS PMS FPSC PPSC BPSC SPSC KPSC Bank Officer Test Bharat Natyam Creative Dance Folk Dance Kathak Modern Bollywood Dance Odissi Salsa Western Dance Big Data N Hadoop Cloud Computing Data Structures DBMS $ RDMBS MongoDB Oracle Training PL/SQL FAST University Entrance Exam UET Entrance Exam MCAT ECAT NTS SAT SAT II GMAT UHS Entry Test KEMU Entry Test KMU Entry Test KMDC Entry Test Wah Medical College Entry Test UMDC Entry Test CMH Entry Test AMC Entry Test SZMC Entry Test subject_name RMC Entry Test PMC Entry Test PMC & PDC Entry Test NMCH Entry Test LMDC Entry Test JMC Entry Test IMDC Entry Test GMCDI Khan Entry Test FMC Entry Test FMH Entry Test DOW Entry Test AKU Entry Test NAT Test GAT Test NTS Apptitude Test GRE Test Business English Corporate Communication Effective Communication IELTS Public Speaking Spoken English TOEFL 2D Animation 3D Animation 3D Max / Maya 3D Printing Adobe Tools Animation Ansys AutoCAD Training Corel Draw CSS Training Dreamweaver DTP Games Development Glash Graphic Designing HTML Training Illustrator Multimedia Photoshop Special Effects Video Editing Web Designing Wed Development Acting and Drama Adventure Camps Aero Modelling Arts and Crafts Astrology Candle Making Cooking and Baking Drawing and Painting Fashion Designing Film Making Horticulture Jewellery Design Magic Model Making Palmistry Photography Pottery Sculpture Making Summer Camps Tailoring N Knitting Arabic Bengali Chinese Danish English Farsi French German Hindi Italian Japanese Korean Latin Mandarin Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Thai Urdu Drums Flute Guitar Indian Classical Music Instrumental Keyboard Modern Songs Piano Singing Sitar Tabla Violin Western Classical Music ActionScript subject_name Ada AIML ALGOL Assembly AutoHotkey Babel BASIC Batchfile BCPL Brooks C C# C++ Clojure COBOL CoffeeScript CPL Curl Curry D DarkBASIC Datalog dBASE Dylan F F# FORTRAN FoxPro Go GW Basic Haskell HDML HTML Java JavaScript JCL Julia LISP Live Script LOGO Lua Matlab MUMPS Nim Objective-C OCaml Pascal Perl PHP Pick PureBasic Python Prolog QBasic Racket Reia Ruby Rust Scala Scheme SGML Simula Smalltalk SQL Tcl Turbo Pascal True BASIC VHDL Visual Basic Visual FoxPro WML WHTML XML Node.js Angular.js ASP.NET Ruby On Rails Magento Administration Management and Consultancy in Speci... Assessment and Evaluation of Special Students and ... Behavioral Disorders and Management OR Methods of ... Blindness and Low Vision Community Awareness for Early Identification and I... Computer Applications in Special Education Conductive Education Curriculum Adaptation for Special Needs Deafness and Hearing Disorders Education of Low Vision Children Educational Audiology Exceptional. Children in Regular Classroom Foundations of Special Education Instructional Designs and Strategies Introduction to Orthopedic and Health Impairment Learning Disabilities Learning Disabilities Masters Thesis Mental Retardation Methods of Teaching Speech and Language Methods of Teaching Speech arid Language Multiple Handicaps subject_name Neurological Disorders and Management Production of Resource Materials in Multi Media Psychology of Exceptional Children Research Methods in Special Education Slow Learners Student Teaching 1 Student Teaching 2 Study of Human Development Teaching of Braille Computer Software Orientation ... 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Upto 1500 AD Persian Literature Period II - After 1500 AD Indian History Period I Indian History Period II English History from 1714 AD English history from 1789 AD Islamic History Period I Islamic History Period II Pure Mathematics Applied Mathematics Statistics Physics Chemistry Applied Chemistry Botany Zoology Agriculture Astronomy Human Anatomy Physiology Ethics & Psychology Logic and Elements Of Philosphy Islamiat Economics Political Science Criminal Law Civil Law Geography International Relations Commerce Industrial And Commercial Organization Commerce Industrial And Commercial Law Statistics Public Administration Sociology Social Work Geology Journalism Mass Communications Hifz Nazra Quran Arabic Tajweed Quran With Translation English English Essay Essay In Urdu Essay In Sindhi Essay In Baluchi Essay in Brahvi General Knolwedge Everyday Science Islamic Studies Pakistan Studies Viva Voice English Literature Period I English Literature Period II Arabic Persian French Sansikrit Latin German History of Urdu Literature Arabic Literature Period I Arabic Literature Period II Persian Literature Period I - Upto 1500 AD Persian Literature Period II - After 1500 AD Indian History Period I Indian History Period II English History from 1714 AD English history from 1789 AD Islamic History Period I Islamic History Period II Pure Mathematics Applied Mathematics Statistics Physics Chemistry Applied Chemistry Botany Zoology Agriculture Astronomy Human Anatomy Physiology Ethics & Psychology Logic and Elements Of Philosphy Islamiat Economics Political Science Criminal Law Civil Law Geography International Relations Commerce Industrial And Commercial Organization Commerce Industrial And Commercial Law Statistics Public Administration Sociology Social Work Geology Journalism Mass Communications 1- The Investment Industry: A Top-Down View 2- Ethics and Investment Professionalism 3- Regulation 4- Microeconomics 5- Macroeconomics 6- Economics of International Trade 7- Financial Statements 8- Quantitative Concepts 9- Debt Securities 10- Equity Securities 11- Derivatives 12- Alternative Investments subject_name 13- Structure of the Investment Industry 14- Investment Vehicles 15- The Functioning of Financial Markets 16- Investors and Their Needs 17- Investment Management 18- Risk Management 19- Performance Evaluation 20- Investment Industry Documentation Agriculture & Agribusiness Management Analytical Chemistry Applied Chemistry Applied Economics Applied Physics Arabic Bengali Bio-organic Chemistry Biotechnology Botany Chemistry Commerce Computer Science Criminology Economics Education Education [special] Education [teacher] English English Language Teaching [elt] Food Science & Technology General History Genetics Geography Geology Inorganic Chemistry International Relations Islamic Banking & Finance Islamic History Islamic Learning Islamic Studies Marine Biology Mass Communication Mathematics Microbiology Molecular Medicine Organic Chemistry Persian Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutics Pharmacognosy Pharmacology Philosophy Physical Chemistry Physics Physiology Political Science Psychology Public Administration Quraan & Sunnah Sindhi Social Work Sociology Sports Sciences & Physical Education Statistics Urdu Usuluddin [islamic Studies] Zoology English English Essay General Knowledge including Every day science Viva Voce English Literature Period I, 1780-1832 English Literature Period II, 1832-1901 Arabic Persian French Sanskirt Latin German History of Urdu Literature/History of Sindhi Liter... Arabic Literature Period I Arabic Literature Period II Persian Literature Period I up to 1500 AD Persian Literature Period II after 1500 AD Indian History, Period I Indian History, Period II English History, from 1714 AD European History, from 1789 AD Islamic History, Period I Islamic History, Period II Pure Mathematics Applied Mathematics Statistics Physics Chemistry Geology Applied Chemistry Botany Zoology Agriculture Forestry subject_name Astronomy Human Anatomy Physiology Ethics and psychology Logic and Elements of Philosophy Islamiat Economics Political Science Criminal Law Civil Law Geography International Relations Industrial and Commercial Organization Industrial Commercial Law and Statistics Public Administration Sociology Journalism / Mass Communication English (Precise & Composition) English Essay Current Affairs Every Day Science Pakistan Affairs Islamiat Viva Voice Accountancy & Auditing Economics Business Administration Public Administration Political Science Agriculture Forestry Sociology Journalism Pure Mathematics Applied Mathematics Computer Science Statistics Physics Geology Geography Chemistry Botany Zoology Islamic History & Culture History of Pakistan & India British History European History History of the U.S.A. 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SELL ONLINE COURSES If you have expertise in any subject and you wish to sell your course/techniques/videos etc through our platform. We welcome you to use it. We charge a tiny amount as a commission to use our platform TUITIONS NEAR YOUR HOME We consider “convenience” of both tutors and students. Tutors may opt tuition, we also give preference to those who live near to that specific tuition they asked for TRAINING/ WORKSHOPS We arrange training and workshops on different topics (technical/non-technical) all over Pakistan including major cities Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad HOME & ONLINE TUITION A tutor can get him/herself registered and opt any option, interested in. 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